Oris Erhuero

Oris Erhuero, from the road to yesterday to the road to fame

“I am the only actor in a very long time in the industry that has 2 films in two different festival in one month and both world Premiering in 2 completely different countries and crossing over to diverse markets, making me a very different rear kind of actor and a very strong leading man, as…


Blair Deutsch, the new Indie Jones on the Romanian set

“Been in the film biz since the mid 90’s. For the first few years, I worked on Hollywood – style productions and climbed my way up the ladder, as it were. Eventually I got tired of seeing all the “fluff” of the biz: the schmooze, the ego-worship, the insincerity and decided to only work on…



Romano Ricci, the man who knows the perfect scent of a woman

“I was born in a famous family but what I do today is only personal. Nothing to do with an honor to my ancestors or other things I’ve read and never said. I hate when an article starts with Romano Ricci, great grandson of Nina Ricci… even if I also know that it is what people are interested in.”



Baron Wolman, the rock’n’roll photographer

“Seeing Jimi Hendrix live, being onstage with him and my camera, was a magical experience. Not only was he a hugely talented musician, he was a great visual performer. I always say it was impossible to take a bad photo of Jimi. Behind the stage he was a big surprise, very quiet and respectful and intelligent.”



Ola Onabule, the sublime voice of Africa

“My father to me to see the legendary James Brown in concert, in Lagos, in the early 70’s. It was incredible and I was completely blown away! Something in my heart knew that this might be what I would do with the rest of my life.”


Jesse Lipscombe, the winner who takes it all

He’s famous, he’s charming and he’s a motivational example of success. From being a part of Emmy nominated television shows – Children of the Dust and Hell on Wheels and ESPY nominated film – Resurrecting the Champ, to being ranked the 6th athlete in the world in high jump and listed on the top 20…